In the aftermath of their night of frights, Pearl and Luca help Professor Nichols and Mason get their bearings now that they’re back in the land of the living. But ten years is a long time, and many things have transpired in their absence. Is the manor safe now? What secrets remain to be unlocked? Has Spiritomb been defeated for good??

DM: Jonah M. Jackson

Pearl: Sarah Katherine Zanotti


FoolBoyMedia – Video Game Land, Tunnels, Haunted Blues

Halc – Shades of Red

ProtoDome – On the Origin of Species

YoshiBlade – Marowak’s Revenge

Pu_freak – Abandoned Battlefield – The Feywild, Cavern of Lost Souls, Asylum, Antiquarian Study, Medieval Library, Robotics Lab, Artist’s Garret, Weirder Things

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