Previously, Pearl emerged victorious from her battle with Mortimer and claimed her first gym badge! Now it’s time for the best part… getting the prize money! What will Mortimer have to say after his defeat? What will Pearl do with her earnings? Where did all these wacky shopkeepers come from??

DM: Jonah M. Jackson

Pearl: Sarah Katherine Zanotti


FoolBoyMedia – Video Game Land, Tunnels

GlitchxCity – Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Pokémon League Lo-Fi Remix, Pokémon Center Theme Lo-Fi Remix

Fluidvolt – Squeaky’s Song

Kevin Macleod – Hyperfun

Latché Swing – Rhythme Gitan

Chrono, DragonAvenger – Divine Olivine – Dome City Center, Medieval Library, Lively Café, 1940’s Boardwalk, Royal Salon

Additional sound design:


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