Previously, Pearl and Dianne got off to a so-so start in the Junior Ranger Competition. They barely advanced through the first round berry gathering contest, but were able to squeak out first place in the second round water race! Now they find themselves in a Tangrowth Labyrinth, on the hunt for a large and dangerous Pokémon… Will they find the Aggron? What other dangers lurk along the way? Is there funny business in store??

DM: Jonah M. Jackson

Pearl: Sarah Katherine Zanotti

Dianne: Megan Dianne DeWald


FoolBoyMedia – Video Game Land, Dramatic Scroller

Sirkoto51 – Anime Fight Music Loop

Jeremy Korpas – Germ Warfare

Jakesnke17 feat. Source X – Conundrum

GlitchxCity – Johto Gym Leader Remix (v. I & II)

Rozovian, WillRock – Blue Haze – The Feywild, Heart: Briar, There Be Dragons, Woodland Campsite

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