Last time, Pearl and Dianne found themselves deep in a Tangrowth Labyrinth in pursuit of an Aggron. After some funny business and mishaps with other large and explosive Pokémon, they lured the Aggron out of the Labyrinth. And by lured, I mean they ran for their lives. Now that they’ve advanced to the final challenge of the Junior Ranger Competition, it’s time for a double battle against Shane and Luca! Who will emerge victorious??

DM: Jonah M. Jackson

Pearl: Sarah Katherine Zanotti

Dianne: Megan Dianne DeWald


FoolBoyMedia – Video Game Land

GlitchxCity – Johto Rival Battle Remix v.II, Showdown in Kanto, Kanto Trainer Battle Dance Remix, Through the Sea of Time Remix v.II

Rozovian, WillRock – Blue Haze

TGH – Times Like These

Sir Cubworth – Samurai Showdown

Halc – Photosynthesis

Fluidvolt – Meadow, Half Asleep, Faded Ink, Brush Strokes, Smiling Sigh  – Woodland Campsite, Heart: Briar, Dark and Stormy, Swamplandia, Secret Garden

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