Last Time, Pearl and Luca made a pit stop to help find some missing baby Pokémon at the Take Care Daycare! After some successful baby wrangling, Pearl left Shavocado the Magikarp with Gentleman Luke to train and she and Luca continued toward Tremella Town with new eggs to care for! But as they travel, it looks like there’s still an attraction or two to visit along the way! Will our heroes enjoy a bit of ecotourism? Will they make a bigger impact than they intend? Will they see a familiar face along the way??

DM: Jonah M. Jackson

Pearl: Sarah Katherine Zanotti


FoolBoyMedia – Video Game Land

GlitchxCity – Johto Rival Battle Remix v. II, Showdown in Kanto, Kanto Trainer Battle Dance Remix, Mystery Dungeon Aegis Cave Remix, Sun and Moon Lillie’s Theme (Lo-Fi Remix)

Rozovian, WillRock – Blue Haze

Eric Skiff – Come and Find Me

Quincas Moreira – Clash of Gods

Bird Creek – Fringe Trimmed Boots

Visager – Battle! – Highway, Forest: Day, Cavern of Lost Souls, The Underdark, Underground Lake

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