The Regulars:

Jonah M. Jackson

He/him. Jonah is an actor and Tennessee native who graduated from Lipscomb University with a BFA in Acting and Directing. He loves classical theatre and improv, and what better way could there be to combine those things than doing improvised storytelling in a super cool fantasy world? He was introduced to D&D by other Shakespeare nerds during a production of Romeo & Juliet and has been hooked ever since! Find out more about Jonah and his work at

Sarah Katherine Zanotti

She/her. Sarah is so pumped to be a part of Quest Company Junior! She is a professional actress and started pursuing theatre when she was very young. She has not been playing D&D and other RPGs for very long, but truly loves it. Many thanks as you all wait patiently for her to figure out which dice to use and what numbers to add. She is beyond thankful to call these talented artists and goofballs her friends and adventure through life with all of them. More about Sarah at

Andrew Johnson

He/him. Andrew is a Nashville boy, born and bred. He is a professional actor and graduate of Lipscomb University. He was recently introduced to D&D, but has grown up playing RPGs starting with the OG Baldur’s Gate. He really enjoys creating epic worlds and amazing adventures, and hopes that you all enjoy!

The Guests:

Megan Dianne DeWald


Stewart Clarke


Adam LeGrave